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AirOptix Night & Day Monthly 6 SPECIAL

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MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY 9:00am to 5:00pm  

Closed Thursday & Friday 

Brett Howes and Evan Brown, Optometrists offer high quality eyecare from two practices: MERCURY BAY OPTOMETRIST in Whitianga and Howes and Brown in Meadowbank. They have been providing optometric services for more than 20 years. Brett specialises in sports vision and contact lenses while offering a large selection of spectacle frames and lenses tailored to your individual needs. Evan's area of expertise is pediatric vision including children with vision-related difficulties. Evan also has a wide range of fashion frames and lenses and provides a complete contact lens service.

Howes and Brown Optometrists offer

  • Comprehensive eye examinations.
  • Advice on health & safety at work.
  • Fashionable spectacle frames & the very latest in lens technology.
  • Contact lenses, solutions and aftercare catered for your needs.
  • A speedy repair service.
  • Sports vision assessments
  • Advice and solutions for vision related learning difficulties with children



At Howes and Brown we strive to provide state of the art care in a personalised professional environment. We use our intimate setting to foster an environment of compassion and warmth. We pride ourselves on the stability of our staff, allowing our patients to get to know our office personnel at all levels.

Our commitment to provide vision care is based on Brett and Evan’s training, experience specialities and commitment to continuing education.

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